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The Definitive Resource for Understanding Media Audiences.
US Media Audience Demographics, 8th Annual Edition

Master your media strategy with this report!

This study details the audience breakdown of several major online and offline media types, by age group, household income and race/ethnicity.  

The report provides high-quality data and offers insights as to how media audiences are changing.

The study also presents an array of cheat sheets allowing for quick comparisons of media across demographic variables.

Media Covered:

Offline Media - Traditional TV, Offline Radio, Print Newspapers, and Print Magazines  

Digital Media - Downloaded/Streaming TV, Internet Radio, Podcasts (New!), Digital Periodicals/E-Books, and Social Media.  

The report details the audience composition (age, household income and race/ethnicity) of each of the above media. 

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The 44-page report contains 37 charts and tables.  

You have the option to purchase just the PDF, or the PDF and a folder containing png images of all the charts and the Excel spreadsheets containing all of the underlying data used in the study. 

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Order Summary
Media Audience Demographic Study 2021 - PDF

Order Summary
Media Audience Demographic Study 2021 - PDF + Charts/Data

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